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Safe & Pure Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Newcastle

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is a sophisticated system that integrates trialed pharmacology, and a traditional understanding of good health that “diagnostically” looks at each individual as a unique set of inherited (genetic) and accumulated (life experiences and environmental) factors. The combination of these influences  impact one or all of our physical (body), mental (mind) and emotional (spirit) systems.

Chinese herbs are so effective, when prescribed by an appropriately qualified physician, that today even modern pharmaceutical companies are attempting to manufacture the active components of herbal materials and patent them as modified drugs.

Unfortunately, in this way Chinese herbs lose their essence and the potency that occurs when Chinese herbal combinations are designed specifically for each individual.

Your qualified and experienced herbal physician gives you access to both the traditional raw herbs and convenient granulated or liquid extracts. For those who wish to fully embrace traditional ways, the raw herbs can be brewed (known as a decoction) into a tea or “soup”.

These days, granulated herbs provide a high potency and time saving alternative that is still able to be modified by your physician to suit your individual needs. The granules have a maize or rice starch (gluten free) excipient as a base, are vegan/vegetarian friendly, are easy to use and readily absorbed by your body.

All herbs used at KOI Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine Health Coaching in Newcastle, are Australian TGA approved and the industry does not support the use of any endangered plant or animal species. Our premium selected & sourced Chinese herbs are pure & safe to use, however you must inform your practitioner of any medications, allergies or dietary requirements you may have.

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